Sunday, March 22, 2009

Foot Blisters from Martial Arts...

This is a great tip for Martial Artists of all kinds that get foot blisters.

I just discovered this great product called "new skin-liquid bandage".
It's really a flexible antiseptic bandage that protects and heals your blisters once you get one.

The cool part is that, if your prone to blisters, like I am, especially on my big toe and pad of my foot, you can apply "new skin" before you train.

If you apply it a couple of times before you hit the Dojo floor, it literally gives you 2 extra layers of skin. That's 2 extra layers of skin that will get worn off before you start to wear your own skin out.

I don't get any residuals from the makers of "new skin", but if they wanted to send me some bucks for endorsing their product, I wouldn't turn them down.

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